Event Description

Spaciousness for the Soul: Sailing Into Summer

DATE: June 8, 20176:30 pm to 8:30 pm

THEME: Spaciousness for the Soul: Sailing Into Summer

VENUE: Centering Space - Lakewood, OH

PARTICIPATION IS FREE. Donations are welcome.

RSVP: Contact Tony Vento at tony.vento.cle@gmail.com or 216-313-0546. Please note, space is limited to 18 individuals.  Early reservations are encouraged as the evening fills quickly.

Each intergenerational evening stands on its own with a fresh theme, and you can come as often as you like.  Prior participation is not required.


Would you like some spaciousness for your soul? How about inviting the noise within us and around us to subside, and listening for what your soul just may wish to share?


This new monthly open invitation is for anyone who would like to sample the hospitable Circle of Trust® approach, alongside those who have made a Courage and Renewal retreat, or who enjoy the work of Parker Palmer. Each evening is designed as an easy connecting point both for those considering dipping their toes in the waters of Circles of Trust or a Courage & Renewal retreat, and for those who happen to have experience in this kind of “swimming.” Try one? Bring someone with you?


No prior knowledge of Circles of Trust is required. Each intergenerational evening stands on its own, and you can come as often as you like. While each time includes an introduction to foundations like the Touchstones, every evening also features fresh content embodying theprinciples, practices and values of the Courage and Renewal approach. 


In large-group, small-group, and solitary settings, we’ll making use of insights from storytellers, poets, artists, musicians, seasonal metaphors, or various wisdom traditions. We may use journaling, some art, music, or activities outside, but it’s not about loving journals, art, music, or poetry. Those are simply springboards. Everything we’ll do is by invitation, not command. Using the Circle of Trust® approach shaped by Parker Palmer and others at the Center for Courage and Renewal, we’ll be invited to experience a space where we can listen with presence, inspiration, courage, compassion and wonder. Within such quiet and safe spaces, the inner voice can be heard: a voice that invites us to honor and reconnect who we are with what we do.

Evening Schedule

6:15 pm – Doors open

6:30 pm – Optional simple supper and socializing continues

6:45 pm – Orientation for those new to Circles of Trust

7 pm – Convene the Circle of Trust

8:30 pm – Close the Circle

Folks may stay and socialize afterwards or enjoy the night sky over Lake Erie, if they wish.

Centering Space
June 8, 2017